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Why You Should Choose UniFi To Be Your Business Broadband Provider - TM Unifi Agent

The Importance of Business Broadbands

There’s no doubt that having a good business broadband is key to a business’s success. It serves as a stable foundation for all online processes, and allows day-to-day operations to be run as smooth and unhindered as possible. So when it comes down to it, deciding what business broadband provider you should choose is a pretty big deal. 

When deciding business broadbands, dozens of factors should come under consideration. You should factor in things like your business size, budget, and the security and reliability of the service provider, and ensure that your internet is good enough for smooth business running while still being affordable enough to be cost effective. All-in-all, finding that perfect broadband can be quite a headache and a half. 

However: there are internet broadbands out there that seem perfectly tailored to meeting all your business broadband needs – and the local provider UniFi is one of them. 

UniFi Business Broadband – The Ideal Internet For Businesses 

UniFi can easily be considered one of Malaysia’s best broadband service providers, alongside contenders such as TIME and Maxis. Their service boasts fast internet speeds, an unmatched coverage width, and a variety of package add-ons and streaming services perfect for home entertainment. But UniFi doesn’t just provide residential broadband packages – they also offer a variety of business broadband packages for the local business owner. 

The UniFi business broadband packages come in an array of diverse plans, with varying speeds and respective add-ons suited for different business needs. Across Malaysia, UniFi remains a reliable and concrete solution to your business Internet issues – and here are just a few reasons why. 

Fibre Optic Broadband 

In immediacy, UniFi stands out as a business Internet solution that offers fibre optic broadbands. And in the world of business internet, it’s been long established that fibre optics are far better for businesses than other broadband varieties like cable and DSL. 

For example, fibre optic broadbands are often much faster and more reliable than the traditional copper cable broadband; with speeds that can go up to 800Mbps and fibre wires that are much less susceptible to bad weather and degradation. 

What’s more, the security afforded by fibre optics far outmatches that of the copper wire, which can be hacked into via means such as cable tapping. Meanwhile, fibre optic broadbands are secure enough as to be completely hack-resistant, and are therefore an excellent means to perform your business operations.

No Hidden Charges

For businesses looking for a reliable Internet provider, ‘hidden charges’ are practically a two-word horror story. Cost efficiency should be key in all business transactions – so it would be deeply disappointing to find yourself suddenly surprised by additional, unforeseen costs months into a broadband contract. 

Thankfully, one of the selling points of UniFi broadband is their lack of any hidden additional charges. So once you apply for a UniFi business package, you can rest easy knowing that you’re paying exactly how much you’re expecting to. 

Up To 800Mbps Of Download Speed

The download speed of a broadband package is perhaps one of it’s more important aspects. Businesses need fast and seamless Internet connections to perform operations smoothly, and having important operations be hampered by bad speeds can often spell disaster in the high-speed world of business. 

The download speed a business requires is often quite varied. For example, smaller companies can often make do with slower speeds, while bigger corporations need much faster ones to get by. But it’s generally agreed upon that faster = better, so long as you can afford it.  

Considering this, UniFi’s business broadband packages come in staggeringly high speeds, from a fast 100Mbps download speed (+ 50Mbps upload speed) to an even faster 800Mbps download speed (+200Mbps upload speed). These plans can thus provide a seamless Internet experience for your business, and ensure that all operations are conducted as quickly and smoothly as they can be. 

Fast And Clear Installations

The installation process of a business broadband is also a crucial factor to be considered. To start running a business at optimal speeds, you must pick a service provider that can process your application in no more than a few days, and have them complete said installation as quickly and seamlessly as possible. 

In terms of installation, UniFi has a very clear and easily understandable installation guide to help out any subscriber unfamiliar with the process. According to said guide, you will get a confirmation letter via the email no more than 24 hours after the initial form submission, and another message from the said installer on the ETA on the day of the installation itself.

All-in-all, you’ll remain fully notified of the installation at all times – and won’t be left fumbling in the dark as to when your application will be processed and what time the UniFi installer may arrive. 

How Do You Apply For A UniFi Business Broadband Package? 

UniFi has quite a few available Business broadband packages, which are varied mostly in terms of download + upload speeds and certainly available add-ons. The full range of the fibre optic broadband packages can be found on their website, under the drop-down menu tab.

We compiled a more detailed instruction guide on how to apply for UniFi broadband packages in our article here, but application to UniFi is basically a simple, 5 step process that runs like this: 

Step 1: Choose Your Package & Fill In The Form 

First things first, peruse the packages on hand and select the one that best fits your business needs. Once you’ve made your decision, simply click the ‘APPLY NOW’ tab and fill in the appropriate information in the form provided. 

Required information will consist of things such as name, NRIC / Passport number (with photo documents), Mobile Number, Email Address, Unifi Installation Address, Upload Utility Bill, and Preferred Unifi Login ID / Email. 

Step 2: Submit Documents 

After filling in the form, simply click the ‘SUBMIT’ button to submit the information provided. 

Step 3: Wait 24 Hours For Your Submission To Be Processed 

Once the form has been submitted, processing time should take a maximum of 24 hours. Once processed, you will receive an SMS notification on the date of installation, and should send an SMS confirmation in turn on said date. 

Once a date has been affirmed, you’ll receive the installer’s name and contact number. 

Step 4: Installation

On the affirmed day of installation, the installer will call to notify you on their estimated time of arrival. Once they arrive, they will carry out a site-checkup to determine the best installation and cabling route, and begin the actual installation once given your consent. 

Step 5: SAF Sign Off

Once everything has been installed, you are required to sign-off on a Service Acceptance Form (SAF), which can be done digitally via a softcopy form that will be sent to your email. 

And once you sign off, congratulations – you are now a proud subscriber of a UniFi business broadband plan! 


A good quality business broadband is incredibly crucial to the running of any business. That’s why UniFi broadband offers all sorts of ideal broadband packages, which are buffed by a fibre optic medium, no hidden charges, fast download speeds, and a quick and efficient installation process that ensures clarity all the way through. 

All-in-all, the UniFi business broadband service is equipped to handle all sorts of business operations and is, therefore, a great choice for any business currently considering a broadband purchase. 

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