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The Broadband Battle: Is UniFi Better Than TIME & Maxis? - TM Unifi Agent

Malaysia’s Three-Way Broadband Battle

“…which broadband service should I go for?” 

When it comes to local broadbands, Malaysians often find themselves torn between three choices – UniFi, TIME, and Maxis Broadband Malaysia. 

It’s not very difficult to see why. After all, these three services have long reigned as titans in the local broadband industry, boasting thousands of users across the country and all sorts of impressive services to smoothen your overall internet experience. If the world of broadband was a race, these three would be neck and neck at the very top. So, when it comes down to it, how do you know which one of them to choose? 

The UniFi-Maxis-TIME conundrum can be a pretty tough nut to crack. There have been thousands of people on the internet, debating pros and cons of each to determine which service is the best broadband ever. But while TIME and Maxis are pretty great in their own way, I have to say that UniFi is the service who earns this crown – and for good reasons. 

UniFi Broadband Malaysia – Is It Better? 

UniFi is easily one of Malaysia’s most well-known telecommunication and broadband services. Since it’s establishment in 2010, the service has gained quite the user base, and has easily become one of the most widely used Internet broadband services in the country. But as mentioned above, that’s a track record easily matched by it’s equally formidable challengers, TIME and Maxis – so what really makes UniFi reign supreme? 

For that, let’s get into some reasons for why UniFi tops both TIME and Maxis. 

1. It Has The Widest Coverage

Among all it’s benefits, this is perhaps UniFi’s best selling point of all time. Everyone knows that when it comes to broadband coverage, UniFi’s ports are unmatched. 

Boasting a staggering 1.8 million ports, the UniFi broadband coverage is one that spans far and wide throughout the country. Regardless of where in the nation you may live or where your business might be located, chances are it’s within a UniFi-covered zone, and thus enables you to use smooth, clean internet from wherever in the country you may be.

In contrast, TIME’s staggering 1Gbps Internet speed is offset against it’s much more limited coverage zone, with only 250k ports that are often only concentrated around busy sites like apartments or condos. The Maxis coverage, similarly, is often limited to urban spaces as well, and thus makes UniFI an unchallenged king of coverage in the local broadband scene. 

2. It Comes With Many Free Streaming Add-Ons

Remember those Korean dramas and tense international TV shows you love watching so much? Well, what if there was a way to streamline that experience? 

To demonstrate: another way UniFi is distinct is that it offers an IPTV service called ‘UniFi TV’; which grants access to hundreds of worldwide TV channels both at home and abroad. Rather than being a separate service, the UniFi TV Pack Ultimate is often bundled alongside a slightly more expensive 100Mbps UniFi plan worth RM189/month, and is also accessible as an add-on for faster plans up to 800Mbps at RM349/month. 

What does this mean? It  means, with certain UniFi plan subscriptions, you can easily stream certain TV channels on the UniFi TV, with a myriad of channels coming free with the package and even more than can be added on with certain costs. These available channels include local classics such as TV2 and 8TV, as well as international favorites like Fox Movies, Nat Geo, nickelodeon, and more. 

Subscribers can even get up to half a year’s worth of free access to VIU, a channel perfect for streaming Korean Dramas and Variety Shows, and Yuppflix for the best Indian movies! 

3. It Has Up To 800Mbps Download Speed

Previously, UniFi’s maximum 300Mbps plan download speed was one easily outshone by it’s faster and more formidable competitors. But that was before Telekom introduced two new packages into the fray last year – it’s 500Mbps plan with a 50Mbps upload speed, and it’s 800Mbps plan with a 200Mbps upload speed. 

Said plans have allowed UniFi to keep up quite competitively with Maxis and even the incredibly speedy TIME. As mentioned before, while TIME boasts an unmatched internet speed of up to 1Gbps for it’s plans, it is mostly hindered by a limited, mostly urban coverage; which restricts it’s use from more rural areas. 

Maxis, in the meanwhile, boasts a similar download speed of up to 800Mbps at arguably cheaper rates, but is also hindered by a relatively limited coverage zone concentrated to urban spaces. 

UniFi’s plans however, buffed as they are by the broadband’s staggering coverage width, have no such restrictions. Therefore, applicants are free to enjoy up to 800Mbps download speeds and 200Mbps upload speeds within UniFi’s large coverage zone. Furthermore, their 500Mbps and 800Mbps packages also come with an array of streaming add-ons; such as a Free UniFi TV Pack Ultimate, a Free UniFi playTV Lite Everywhere Watch for mobile, and a 6 month access to VIU and YuppFlix. 

In doing so, UniFi allows it’s users to enjoy up to 800Mbps of download speed and a variety of add-ons, from within a large coverage area across Malaysia. 

So now that you’ve decided to choose UniFi to be your broadband provider, what’s next? 

Applying To UniFi Broadband Malaysia

The UniFi application is a five-step process that can be conducted entirely online, via UniFi’s online registration. These are detailed as follows based on the official site itself: 

Step 1: Choose Your Package & Fill In The Form 

The first step of the process, of course, is choosing the package you want to apply for itself. Once this has been decided, you can simply click the respective ‘APPLY NOW’ tab at the corner of the package, and be sent to a relevant form. 

Filling up said application form requires information such as your name, NRIC / Passport Number (and photo documents), Mobile Number, Email Address, Unifi Installation Address, Upload Utility Bill, and Preferred Unifi Login ID / Email. 

Step 2: Submit Documents 

After filling in the form, you can move on to submitting it. 

Step 3: Wait 24 Hours For The Process Time

Once the form has been submitted, it will usually take about 24 hours to process. 

Once done, you will receive an SMS notification on the date of installation, and are expected to send an SMS confirmation on said date. Upon affirmation of the preferred installation date, you will then receive a notification on the installer’s name and contact number.

Step 4: Installation

On the appointed day of installation, the installer will call and notify you on their estimated time of arrival. The following processes will then be carried out: 

Site Check-Up

With your consent, the installer will then assess the premise to determine the best way to install the cabling route.


Once done, the actual installation will take place. This includes things such as drilling, cabling, and setting up the relevant and appropriate equipment. In some cases, drill-free installations can be opted for, with the incurrence of additional costs.

Sign Off

After the installation process has been completed, you will need to sign-off a Service Acceptance Form (SAF). This can be done digitally, with a softcopy form that will be sent to your email.  

Step 5: Enjoy! 

After that, you’ve essentially completed your UniFi Broadband application and installation process. Now you can simply kick back and enjoy the Internet you’ve applied for! 


To conclude, UniFi’s strengths lie mostly in 1) it’s coverage, which spans unmatched across the country and gives coverage to spaces even TIME and Maxis often miss, and 2) it’s many streaming add-ons, which allow for enjoyable streaming experiences from some of the best local and foreign channels. 

It’s still difficult to say for certain which broadband service is necessarily the best, considering how each service bears their own pros and cons, and banes and boons. However, there’s no denying that UniFi is a pretty excellent broadband choice – and one that certainly earns it’s crown as one of the top in Malaysia.