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The Best On-Demand Movies You Can Watch With UniFi TV - TM Unifi Agent

The Wonderful World Of On-Demand Movies

On-demand movie-watching has easily become many a person’s favorite pastime. I mean, come on – who doesn’t love camping out in front of a TV or laptop screen every night, munching on potato chips, watching tense fictional events unfold before your eyes in the comfort of your own home? 

There’s really no denying it, at this point – TV films can be addicting. It’s the age of remakes and superhero films, of cinematic successes and fun sequels. Everyone wants to make and watch the new blockbuster film. And while seeing a film in a theatre filled with like-minded fans can be an unmatched thrill of it’s own, there’s something deeply comforting about being able to do the same (or even watch them repeatedly!) in your own living room! 

But when it comes to watching on-demand shows and movies, a good streaming service can be key. After all, what could be worse than a site that hasn’t been updated to include your latest favorite films, or (horror of horrors-) the dreaded ‘video buffering’ that can ruin a intensely climactic moment?

UniFi TV – The IPTV Streaming Service For Broadband Users

In the world of local broadbands and telecommunications, UniFi is easily one of Malaysia’s most used and well-known services to date. Boasting thousands of regular users across the country, the broadband service’s distinction comes from it’s wide, unmatched coverage width and it’s huge variety of streaming add-ons (read our full article on why UniFi is the best broadband here) – one of which being UniFi TV. 

Free for registration and available as an add-on for most of their broadband packages, UniFi TV remains the UniFi brand’s most prominent IPTV streaming service. The service allows subscribers to access a variety of worldwide channels all over the globe, and easily stream the latest films and premiering shows from both at home and abroad. 

Not to mention: the playTV app even grants access to a bunch of other local favorite streaming services, like Iflix and Viu. So yeah – that’s a plus! 

So – what’s there to watch? 

But while a streaming service itself is all well and good, it’s only really as good as the shows and channels that are available. ‘Cause if you subscribe to a streaming service only to find that it only plays news channels on loop – well. That’s pretty rubbish, isn’t it? 

Thankfully, UniFi TV has far from a dull selection of on-demand films and shows. The website itself boasts an impressive variety of categories, from popular movies to the latest US and UK TV shows to local entertainment and even a ‘Kid’s zone’. Let’s just say with hundreds of different accessible channels and a variety of on-demand films? You can get pretty spoiled for choice on what shows you can watch!

And to demonstrate: 

Here are 5 of the Best On-Demand Movies To Watch With UniFi TV! 

  1. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Avengers: Infinity War (2019) is an epic culmination of a film saga ten years in the making, and even broke records upon first launch to become the top grossing film of all-time. 

The film sees an epic showdown with Thanos finally take place after a decade of hype, and has all our favorite heroes across the entire MCU finally band together to stop him from attaining all six Infinity Stones. It’s a movie teeming with action, jaw-dropping visual effects, and epic fights – and you can watch it yourself anytime, on repeat, with UniFi’s on-demand UniFi TV service! 

Channel: Hyppflicks, Channel 431 

Price: RM 10 (exclusive of 6% ST) 

  1. A Quiet Place (2018)

Fans of horror and unnerving quiet will be delightfully terrified of this 2018 American horror movie of thrills, monsters, and an all-encompassing silence. 

With a staggering 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, A Quiet Place is set in a decimated future world; where unknown monsters reign dominant and silence is the only path to necessary survival. Blind creatures that hunt by sound alone prowl the earth in droves, and the only way to escape their notice is to be completely, and utterly, quiet. 

Set in an almost complete, unnerving silence, the film follows the Abott family as they try to survive in the silent city streets. 

Channel: Hyppflicks, Channel 431 

Price: RM 10 (exclusive of 6% ST) 

  1. Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

Based on the Japanese Manga of the same name, Alita: Battle Angel (2019) was a highly-successful cyberpunk American action film that had everyone talking back in 2019. 

Set in the highly distant future of 2563, Alita: Battle Angel sees a post-apocalyptic earth that has been devastated by war. A female human cyborg is found in the ruins of a scrapyard by Dr. Ido with no memory of her past, even after she is built anew. In a world that seems determined to harm her and those she cares for, Alita becomes the titular ‘battle angel’ and fights for the sake of the people she loves – all rendered in incredible CG and visual effects that will make you gasp in awe. 

Channel: Hyppflicks, Channel 431 

Price: RM 10 (exclusive of 6% ST) 

  1. Les Miserables – The Staged Concert 

A live staged recording of the much beloved classic musical, Les Miserables tells a timeless tale of death, love, and redemption – all set against an 1800s revolutionary France and all the troubles the period entails. 

Jean Valjean is a prisoner on parole from the Bagne of Toulon, who is deeply moved by the actions of one who helped save him and breaks parole to live an honest life. Despite being pursued relentlessly by a police officer who suspects his real identity, Valjean sets off on a life of helping others – and touches many hearts along the way. 

Les Miserables is a stunning musical with a brilliant cast, accentuated by epic musical numbers that will make you weep and sing with the characters. 

Channel: Hyppflicks, Channel 431 

Price: RM 10 (exclusive of 6% ST) 

  1. Bumblebee (2018)

Nowadays, the Transformers film franchise has gained quite a…notorious reputation of loud explosions, predictable storytelling, and shameless product placement. Bumblebee (2018), however, was a film that very much broke that bad film streak.

With a staggering 91% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Bumblebee (2018) tells the heartwarming story of an amnesiac Bumblebee, an Autobot warrior under Optimus Prime, as he crash lands on Earth and builds an unlikely friendship with a human   girl named Charlie. As they bond, Decepticons are unwittingly unleashed upon the earth – and Bumblebee and Charlie must band together through tribulations to defeat the threat they pose against the world. 

Channel: Hyppflicks, Channel 431 

Price: RM 10 (exclusive of 6% ST)

How To Install UniFi TV 

So – you’ve decided you really, really want to watch some of these movies and therefore want to install the UniFi TV app. But how do you do so? 

3 Easy Steps

For subscribers of UniFi broadband, the setup process for UniFi TV is incredibly simple and incredibly free. Even without a set-up box, you’ll be able to watch UniFi TV content through your phone, tablet, and Android smart TV – all with these three easy steps. 

Step 1: Find and Install the App

The UniFi TV app can be found in the Google Play Store, simply by searching it up. After finding it (it should be the first option to appear), you simply hit the ‘install’ button and wait for the app to install. 

Step 2: Launch The App & Fill In Log-in Details

After the app has been successfully installed, simply launch the app and fill in the log-in details with your UniFi TV ID and password. Said ID should usually be found on your UniFi bill itself, under the format of ___@iptv. 

Step 3: Done!

After logging in, UniFi TV’s services should now be accessible to you. UniFi TV comes with a variety of free channels such as TV3 and Nat Geo People HD (among others). Even more channels may be unlocked by upgrading to the UniFi TV Ultimate Pack. 

To get the full range of channels as well as additional benefits, the UniFi TV Pack Ultimate is available as an add-on on UniFi’s slightly more expensive basic 100Mbps UniFi plan worth RM189/month, up to their latest 800Mbps plan worth RM349/month. 

(Details on how to apply to UniFi can be found in our article here).  


The UniFi TV IPTV service is certainly one that boasts a myriad of different on-demand movies, all catered to your on-demand movie needs. So the next time you want to rewatch some of your favorite films, or maybe check out some other classic blockbusters, you can boot up your UniFi TV app, settle yourself on the couch, and lose yourself to a tense, fictional world of film storytelling!