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3 Awesome Streaming Services You Can Get With UniFi - TM Unifi Agent

The Art Of Binge-Watching 

Binge-watching is a pretty fun hobby, isn’t it? Sure, I might not speak for everyone – but there’s just something undeniably appealing about sitting in front of a screen for a whole afternoon, cocooned in a blanket fort, devouring cliffhanger after cliffhanger while convincing yourself just one more episode, I swear!

The binge-watching phenomenon is a pretty widespread one. With so many groundbreaking TV shows constantly in production, the current generation seems to find no greater joy than reserving whole weekends to watching their favorite shows, or consuming full seasons of beloved dramas in one sitting. Binge-watching has become the Millennial’s favorite pastime – and of course, where would we be without high quality streaming services to streamline our bingeing hobby? 

But in a world of high prices and premium streaming subscriptions, binge-watching itself can be pretty expensive work – so why not leave it to UniFi to bypass this? 

UniFi – The Malaysian Streaming Broadband

When it comes to streaming, no other broadband spells ‘streaming-friendly’ quite like UniFi. One of the top telecommunications and broadband service providers in all of Malaysia, UniFi is, without a doubt, the broadband service option for those who love streaming shows – boasting incredible speeds of up to 800Mbps and, more importantly, a variety of streaming add-ons. 

We’ve already tackled the pros of a UniFi subscription in our article here, but in terms of streaming ability, the main gist is this – UniFi doesn’t just provide the speed and the coverage for a seamless streaming experience throughout Malaysia, but also access to the streaming services themselves. Bundled amidst their packages are free subscriptions to 3 beloved streaming sites – so you can binge-watch all sorts of dramas and series’, right in the home! 

UniFi’s 3 Streaming Add-Ons 

For those who love TV and film, here are 3 incredible streaming services that you can get free with a UniFi broadband plan subscription. 


Based in Hong Kong, Viu is a popular OTT streaming site perfect for fans of Asian media. The site offers a huge array of popular shows from all over the Asian continent; from the best of K-dramas, to amazing Malay movies, to Chinese fantasy shows, to even a smattering of Japanese animes. The service even boasts a handful of amazing Viu-exclusive shows that can be watched nowhere else, so you can be sure to enjoy the best of Asian media from one of the best Asian streaming services out there! 

While some initial series episodes are free to watch, most of Viu’s later episodes are locked behind a premium subscription. However, with a UniFi fibre broadband subscription, you can receive up to 6 months of access to the Viu streaming service – during which you can watch all types of Asian shows to your heart’s content! 


Fans of Indian television and film will be immediately drawn to YuppFlix’s impressive show selection. 

Specializing in Indian media, YuppFlix is a streaming service provider that offers all the best Indian TV shows and movies to date. From the latest releases in the Indian theatrical scene to timeless box-office hits, this streaming service provides an incredibly comprehensive look into Indian media – spanning movies, TV shows, live channels, and even news clips from Indian TV. In other words, far from simply a streaming service for TV show binge-watching, YuppFlix is a provider that specializes in all-around Indian media – giving you the best clips from the entirety of Indian television media. 

Much like Viu, a subscription to UniFi fibre broadband packages can grant you 6-month access to YuppFlix, entirely free. 

UniFi TV 

As its name implies, UniFi TV is an IPTV streaming service operated by UniFi and Telekom themselves, and boasts an incredible selection of live TV channels from both at home and abroad. Their extensive array of channels include local favorites like TV2 and 8TV, as well as popular international options such as National Geographic, Fox News, and Nickelodeon. They also provide on-demand TV and film options for subscribers to watch any time. In other words, rather than specialize in one type of media, UniFi TV seems to favor the more holistic approach by offering all kinds of series and films, from sports to K-dramas to local Malaysian shows. 

UniFi TV provides around 25 free channels, and more than 70 premium channels with it’s Ultimate Pack. However, subscribers of certain UniFi fibre broadband packages will be able to access all 70+ premium channels via their UniFi TV Ultimate Pack, as well as a free UniFi plus box.  

Applying For A UniFi Fibre Broadband Package 

For lovers of film and television, it’s pretty clear that UniFi’s fibre broadband packages, bundled as they are with access to 3 different and incredible streaming services, are an incredibly worthwhile investment. The thing is, how do you apply? 

We’ve compiled a more detailed step-by-step guide on the application process here, but applying for a UniFi fibre broadband is actually incredibly simple and can be done as thus: 

Step 1: Choose Your Package & Fill In The Form 

When it comes to plan subscriptions, the very first thing you should do is pick a package that’s suited to your needs. After that decision has been made, you can click the ‘APPLY / BUY NOW’ tab usually located at the side or bottom of the package, and then fill in the form that appears. 

Step 2: Submit Documents 

Once you’ve filled the form, you can submit it for processing. 

Step 3: Wait 24 Hours To Process

 The processing will usually take a maximum of 24 hours upon form submission. 

After being processed, you will receive an SMS notification on the date of installation, and should send a responsive SMS in turn to either confirm or reschedule the date. Once a date has been affirmed, you will receive a notification on the installer’s name and contact number. 

Step 4: Installation

On the date of installation, your installer will notify you on their estimated time of arrival. Once they arrive, the installer will then perform a check-up on your home to determine the best route for cabling and installation, and then carry out the actual installation upon receiving your consent. 

Step 5: Sign-off And Done! 

After everything has been installed, you still need to sign off a Service Acceptance Form (SAF), which you can do digitally via a softcopy form sent to your email. 

Once that has been completed, the application process is basically done – and you’re free to enjoy all the benefits and add-ons of your new fibre broadband plan! 


When it comes to watching or rewatching our favorite shows and movies, streaming service subscriptions are often what we need. Where else could we find a bountiful array of shows both new and old, and give ourselves the luxury or watching episode after episode, season after season, entirely in one afternoon? 

Streaming services are the life’s blood of the binge-watching phenomenon – and in terms of broadband that can load shows seamlessly while also providing complimentary streaming service access? UniFi is definitely the streaming broadband pick for you! 

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