The Best Ever Hypp-Normous Deal Campaign (Streamyx)

Please be informed that, TM has launched a promotion for Streamyx Packages called 'The Best Ever Hypp-Normous Deal Campaign' effective on 6th January 2014 until 31st March 2014.

Here are the details:
For Streamyx 4Mbps : RM140 (Get Ruby Pack or Platinum Pack @ RM20 per month)
For Streamyx 8Mbps : RM160 (FREE Ruby Pack or Platinum Pack - worth RM30 per month)

For those who subscript 8Mbps, customer MUST select the HyppTV package either Ruby Pack or Platinum Pack; partners MUST key in the HyppTV Package (Ruby Pack or Platinum Pack) in the REMARKS column. Failed to provide the HyppTV info, we have the right to return the application.